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Integrate Income Verification

For Property Management or Lending Software Companies

Include automated income verification with your product offerings to add a profit center and to differentiate your tools from the competition.

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Increase Your Revenue With A New Source Of Income

Our income verification module is designed to easily integrate into your screening workflow.

We’ll do the heavy-lifting in calculating income, so you can provide your customers with verified income data.

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Stand Apart From Your Competitors

Income verification technology is still new. Get positioned to gain an advantage over your competitors.

Add value to your product by giving your customers income verification as part of their screening package.

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Get Started In 5 Minutes

Our income verification module was built for a seamless, pain-free integration process.

Copy and paste a few code snippets, and have our income module running in your development environment in 5 minutes.

For integration documentation, click here.

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Contact us to learn more about our embedded income screening and software integrations, or give our automated income verification a trial run for free.

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